Tác phẩm/Artwork: THẠCH ẨN SỐ 2

Tác giả/Artist: NGUYỄN THIỆN ĐỨC


Kích thước/Size: Height: 150 cm

Width: 150 cm

Năm sáng tác/Year of composed: 2017

“Những hòn đá nằm khép mình dưới những cánh rừng, yên lắng lặng thinh, nhưng lại là hình ảnh ẩn dụ nhiều bài học đạo đức cho con người.

The stones are nestled under the forests, quiet, but are metaphorical images of many moral lessons for people.”

Wood frame made of natural fiber in Canada.
Framed wood form “American box” made in Italy.
CANVAS canvas “museum” finish resistant to UV rays and water.
Original created by Adlan Kaezar and reproduced by hand.
Artwork designed meticulously in our own production workshops.
After 10 years of expertise in the manufacture of works of art, we use exclusively the best materials, we work only with the best craftsmen of art and we guarantee the best result on each artwork.

Dare contemporary art to give a modern image to your interior design!
Combine one or more tables to create an exceptional decoration.
Treat yourself to a high-quality, affordable canvas for a unique style.

* Artwork available in stock = delivery 1 week
* Artwork on order = delivery 7 weeks

Kaezar Gallery artworks are delivered in a secure and adapted packaging.

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